Kelly and Paul’s Wedding

I loved playing at an old school friends wedding at the Mirimar Hotel in Bournemouth.

It was an beautiful wedding in an amazing venue. Thank you to the lovely staff who were really professional and provided coffee!

Thank you to John at Columbia Photography for these photos.

Congratulations Kelly and Paul, best wishes for the future!

Harp playing at Kelly and Pauls wedding

Harp playing at Kelly and Pauls wedding

Composing at Kimmeridge

Yesterday evening I popped down to Kimmeridge with my tiny lap harp to start a composition about the bay. I was torn between writing a tune about the nodding donkey on the cliff top or about sea. In the end the sea won! It was such a lovely calm evening (if a little cold!) Hopefully I’ll go back to Kimmeridge again in the near future to record a video of the finished tune!

Kimmeridge Bay _ Stephanie001 lores

Kimmeridge Bay _ Stephanie002 lores