Teaching FAQs

buy neurontin Do I need my own instrument?
Ideally you do need an instrument to practise on. You’re welcome to come and try playing my instruments for a lesson or two first before committing to buying or renting your own. For piano lessons a keyboard is fine. The cello and the harp can be a bit more expensive to buy. I recommend contacting Poole Violins for cellos and Pilgrim Harps, Clive Morley Harps or Camac Harps for hiring or buying a harp.

look at these guys How do I tune my harp or cello?
I can show you how to do this in the lesson. It’s easier than you think.

http://roryflynnwebdesign.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://roryflynnwebdesign.co.uk/website-design-and-development/ How much practise do I need to do?
I recommend that complete beginners play for about 10 – 15 minutes everyday. Short regular practise is more efficient than one long session a week. As you get better and better you’ll need to increase your practise accordingly.

http://vantagehsi.com/home-health-care-companionship/ Should I come into my child’s lesson?
This entirely depends on the child. It’s often a good idea to come into the first couple of lessons but after that most children get on better without their parents there. But it does depend on the age of the child.

Should I help my child practise at home?
This can really help, especially at the very beginning and if you have some musical knowledge yourself. After a while you’ll find you don’t need to help as much.

Will my lesson be at the same time each week?
Yes. I dedicate 3 days a week to private teaching. At the moment these are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the term times.

Do I have to have weekly lessons?
I recommend weekly lessons for children. For adult students I’m happy to offer fortnightly lessons but any less than this doesn’t really work.

Do I have to do exams?
Exams are entirely voluntary. Some people thrive on working towards music exams and passing them and others are happier just learning for fun.

Am I too old to learn?
You’re never to old learn!

Is my child to young to learn?
As long as your child has started school I’m happy to teach them.

How do you take payment for lessons?
I require each half term instalment of lessons to be paid for at the start of each half term.